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Nils Giese, born in 1980 and raised in the "true north" of Germany, lives and works in Switzerland.

Trained as a carpenter and studied architecture.

While working as an client representative in "real life" he has always been involved with art and artists. His roots in craftsmanship and his versatile creativity enable him to find a sensible balance to the everyday office jungle. He doesn't see himself as an artist in the classic sense, more like the "Michel Lönneberga of modernity" who, secluded in his "shed", carves creative things for himself and everyone who is interested. His translations of sometimes socially critical themes into what he calls "banal art" serve on the one hand as an valve and on the other hand as a purely decorative accessory.

In his work he often uses elements from his two home countries. The focus is on collages with alpine or maritime effigies, which are brought into a new order and stimulate the viewer to philosophize. By coating with heated beeswax, a unique feel is created on the one hand, and the work, the moment of creation, is preserved on the other.


Nils Giese Portrait
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